About us

Our company

We co-create a group operating in the modular production and construction industry. We are also very active in the property development industry.

We have been on the market for over fifteen years. Our employees and subcontractors are our strength.
Our professionals include a group of experienced engineers, architects and managers.

Furthermore, we have been employing a number of people from all kinds of industries to work on our projects in Poland and Germany. Thanks to the group's experience and flexibility in managing people, we are ready to proceed with the implementation of new contracts. We bring together project groups consisting of design engineers and architects as well as graphic designers and illustrators. These professionals are supervised by our project managers.

This thoughtful fusion of so many industries allows us to show how good we are and demonstrate our artistic vision as well as focus on technical aspects of our projects. We are able to balance the impact of each stage of ​​the creative process to obtain the most desirable effects – the beauty and durability of each constructed building.

Our factory

We have our own facilities in the form of a production hall located strategically nearby the port of Gdańsk.

These modern facilities enable us to successfully build a number of residential modules or turnkey hotel rooms.

Most of the works take place in our factory, on our production lines. This enables us to maintain the quality of the production process at the highest level. We are able to deliver and install a single module within as little as a few hours.

We constantly enrich our facilities and strengthen our infrastructure to achieve higher production goals.


Barłomiej Klein

Chairman of the Board

Mariusz Lejnowski

Member of the Board

Andrzej Czapiewski


Management & Marketing

Patryk Gocek

Project manager

Krzysztof Droszcz

Project partner

Tim O’Regan

Project partner

Robert Niziol

Project partner

Agnieszka Zalewska

Marketing manager